Why work for us?

With over 350 employees, we have the structure and processes of a large organisation, but the culture and feel of a smaller one. Working here you get the best of both worlds.

We are a great organisation to work for, passionate about what we do, and full of people who want to make a positive difference. You’ll work with nationally and internationally recognised leaders in many different professions.

Diversity in our geography, lifestyles, economy, life choices and aspirations provide us with a complex population and area. The work is intellectually and professionally challenging - managing a sustainable environment and supporting a viable economy is a difficult balance to achieve, especially in an area as diverse as Tasman. Your skills and expertise will be valued and the work will be meaningful.  

As one of the five unitary councils in New Zealand we combine the work and obligations of a regional council and a district council in one institution. This enables an end-to-end decision-making and project management process. 

We have an attractive range of benefits that you're entitled to by joining our team - take a look below. 

We are all one team, working together and sharing our knowledge every step of the way – come and join us!


  • Meet the team

    Knowing about the people you are going to be working with is a critical part of selecting your next job – we understand that. So, come and meet some of the people in our team.

  • Vacancies

    Choose the Tasman District Council for your next career move and make a difference.

  • Why Tasman?

    Climate and lifestyle are two of the major factors for people choosing to live and work in the Tasman District. Building great communities through employing great people. Will you be one of them?